HAPPINESS: You look fat and good!

By Aliker David Martin

If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want.  ~Elbert Hubbard

I have never been concerned about my diet until I came to America. To look fat is never a bad thing in Africa, instead being fat is associated with being happy and healthy. The poor, sick and unhappy are associated with being skinny. One day, as I complemented my American boss who had just returned from a holiday in America; I told her, “you look fat and good; you must have enjoyed your holiday!” All the Americans laughed as all my African colleagues nodded in recognition. My boss was deeply hurt and that’s when I learnt of the stigma of obesity in America. So how can one be fat and happy? Aware that obesity can be a gene, I will make three suggestions:

Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Too much of everything is always bad. Develop the habit to eat with a purpose. Feed the body with foods and drinks that add nutrients to your body cells. If your body cells are happy, your body organs will function in a balanced way even when you are fat. A happy body is a happy mind.

The body just like a car needs routine check up. There is a great addictive feeling moments after working out. You are less likely to see people walking for good health in Africa. America’s self-drive culture to every location is responsible for your poor health. If you cannot afford signing up at a gym, develop the habit of walking daily to the park. It’s also free to run along pedestrian walkways to improve on your blood flow and physical health. This may not make you skinny but happy with your body.

My final suggestion is to obey your body commands. If that body is responsible for making the money, then use the money to feed the body. Virgil says, “The greatest wealth is health.” Give it rest if it demands sleep. Feed it if it demands food and water it if it feels dehydrated. Lets develop a loving relationship with our body and it will make our cells and selves infinitely happier.

8 comments on “HAPPINESS: You look fat and good!

  1. willofheart says:

    Eat to live, don’t live to eat., this is a great quote, reminding that our health is wealth, you are right physically fit and being healthy is one of our responsibility to our body…

    • gethappy says:

      Now this is fun, I was a little worried that my blog post will be misunderstood this time round.Am glad from your feedback I have been understood.Thanks for liking my blog post.

  2. lolabees says:

    Love, love, love the opening to this– such a funny story! Oh, and I love the rest too, which is why I’m going to repost. Thanks 🙂

    • gethappy says:

      I wish I could give you a hi 5. There is no better way of appreciating my writing than to reblog it.Thank you soooo much and glad to see you back on my page again.

  3. lolabees says:

    Reblogged this on Ideal Diet and commented:
    This blog post caught my attention with a great story at the beginning about the differing cultural perceptions we have about weight. It definitely gives you something to think about… and a good chuckle too! Gethappy shares his thoughts on staying healthy, and he has some really lovely things to say.

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    Cultural differences can be challenging…

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