HAPPINESS: Is Parenting Making You Unhappy?

A study carried out to examine a group of women’s emotions revealed that marital satisfaction nose-dives after the first child is born and picks up again once the children leave home.

Basing on this theory, some happiness experts argue that although parents insist that children are a major source of happiness, this belief is not true.

So if you are a parent, is parenting making you unhappy? Jane (not real name) was a student of International Relations.

She had a great career until she got a baby. Her husband would not allow her travel for her office foreign trips with their baby.

She became so frustrated and considered whether to separate from her husband and pursue her career  or to submit to her husband’s interest and remain home and take care of the baby or find a new job.

Many times we find ourselves in this conflicting loyalty but how do we find happiness in Parenting?Continue